Dandelion results

B: Just because you lost 104-4 on Saturday doesn’t mean you aren’t the winners of Dandelion.

LLMs: Bernie and Hillary as Nelly and Kelly–WHAT a plot twist. Just living the American Dream and we love it.

H: Pageant mom AJ did what pageant moms do best–watched his children come in third.

E: I’ve never seen a better looking Miley Cyrus.

F: 6/10 for boob slips.

D: You weren’t Section D of the class of 2017, but I guess it was okay

J: Points for the baby. Negative points for exploiting the baby.

A: All you do is win…sure.

I: Throwing food at NGSL? Rookie mistake.

C: That was all very strange, but very forgettable.

G: You were the Ghostbusters and you didn’t even play the Ghostbusters’ theme?



September 7:

Captain’s Meeting at 6:00 PM in WB 101

September 10:

Dandelion kicks off the Fall 2016 Season!

September 18:

1L sections compete in the 1L Tournament!

April 7, 2017:

The 34th Annual Softball Tournament beings!