Team Name
UVA Men’s Gold
Charlottesville, VA
Harry Marino and Nick Hagen
Team Color
Orange and Blue
Team Mascot
The Rory’s (the Corgie and the Lab); Rizzo DNP
Team 90s TV Show
No time for TV in the 90s. Went straight from school to practice to sleep every day in preparation for this weekend.
Team Song
“Redemption Song” by Bob Marley
Distance to Charlottesville, VA
Not sure. Will consult with Jonathan York, who specializes in measuring distance and informing everyone of it.
Player Roster
Harry “Hard Downhill Since 2012” Marino

Nicholas “Who Knew Balding Virginity Could Look So Good” Hagen

Andrew Winter-Gear

Danny “I’m Literally Playing with a Broken Foot Because This is My World Series” Friel

Fr. Joseph Zaleski

Tom “Age is Just a Number” Furman

Vince “If someone had moved me to 3B in high school I’d be in the MLB” Flynn

Jonathan “I Measure My Home Runs And That’s Not All” York

Grant “Bi-Day Friday” Page

Chet “It’s Hard to Make Fun of Me; Actually I’m Just Perfect” Otis

Will “The Weatherman” Vieth

Star Players
Will “The Weatherman” Vieth
Law Review Nerds
Chet Otis and Vince Flynn
Team History
UVA Men’s Gold is coming off a disappointing early Sunday exit last year. The inability of more than half the team to stay healthy combined with a former “professional” athlete repeatedly striking out proved too much to overcome. The team looks to reclaim the glory of 2015, when captains David Martin (now literally saving immigrants world-wide as a judicial law clerk in Seattle) and Evan Guimond (now literally incapable of saving even $5 from his paycheck as a second-year associate in Washington, D.C.) led the team to victory.
Practice Regimen
Batting practice and infield/outfield, more often than we would like to admit.
Want To Play Against
Any other school in the T14
DON’T Want To Play Against
Any school from Florida
Favorite Thing About The Tournament
The expectations. Treating the tournament more seriously than anyone else. The knowledge that if we win no one will care and if we lose (again) we will be mocked.
The Tournament Would Be More Awesome If
We weren’t trying so desperately to capture our lost youth with each swing.

Will Vieth sends the entire GroupMe the weather the night before any team practice or game, as if he doesn’t understand that everyone has an iPhone.

Jonathan York once used a computer program to measure the distance of a batting practice home run, and also sent that to the GroupMe.