Team Name
The Woolsackers
Carlisle, Pennsylvania
Raymond “Shin Splinter” Baker; Ryan “I’m Just In It for the Money” Hart
Team Color
Blue and Grey
Team Mascot
St. Douglas Vanston of Scranton
Team 90s TV Show
Clarissa Explains It All
Team Song
No Scrubs – TLC
Distance to Charlottesville, VA
225 miles (That’s 362 Km if you hate Freedom)
Player Roster
Christian “Mr. Olympia” Burne, Dennis “The Big Hurt” Clark, Jermey “The Cleveland Indians Blew a 3-1 Lead” Klein, Corey “Pass Me That Box Wine” Kysor, Laken “My Glove Doubles as a Flask” Lynch, Brandon “Pickles” Greist, Julia “I Thought I was on the Drinking Team” Jacobs, Becca “The Minnesota Mauler” Marsnik, Tyler “” Sheridan (AKA The Gel), Hanna “Buckeye” Borsilli, Ryan “I’m Just In It for the Money” Hart, Raymond “Shin Splinter” Baker

Alternates/If our ladies are injured (Knock on Wood!): Francesca “Don’t you Dare Make Me Play” Kester, Rowan “Tom Brady is a Cheater and is Overrated” Moriarty

Star Players
Christian “Mr. Olympia” Burne, Corey “Pass Me That Box Wine” Kysor
Law Review Nerds
Hanna “Buckeye” Borsilli, Ryan “I’m Just In It for the Money” Hart
Team History
The Dickinson Law Woolsackers are a staple at the UVA Law Invitational. Last year we finished 2-1 winning all but one game in our Round Robin (We lost by a lot to the runner-up FloCo), while some of us received serious injury (My shins still hurt from the line drive to the pitcher’s mound) we enjoyed the weekend with multiple beverages.

This year we’re here to win it all…Maybe. Or we’ll just end up forgetting where the field is due to excessive [Redacted for Bar Application Purposes].

Either way, the Woolsackers are COMING FOR YOU VIRGINIA. Beware of the Mountain Men North of the Mason-Dixon!

Practice Regimen
Bar Review or Bust.
Want To Play Against
The Bad Teams
DON’T Want To Play Against
Anyone but FloCo. My Shins can’t take another year of that
Favorite Thing About The Tournament
Not having to worry about school. Also, someone on the team always has too much “fun” if you will.
The Tournament Would Be More Awesome If
You just keep doing you fam.
One of the 1Ls last year snored louder than a chainsaw cutting down a fresh oak on a summer morn with the dew just hanging on the leaves. He has chosen not to come this year, our ears thank him.

While playing FloCo, Raymond was hit by a line drive so hard in the shin that he spent the next 3 months with a welt. He was properly told to, “Walk it Off” and that “Winners Don’t Get Hit By Pitches”.

One of the players got a little too [Redacted for Bar Application Purposes] which led him to begin hitting on UPenn’s player playing 3rd base, he forgot to instruct a runner to go home. The girl did not give him her number.