Team Name
BLS Blue Team
Brooklyn, NY
Joe Dalli and Evan Hallal
Team Color
Blue and White
Team Mascot
Some sort of Fergie-Jesus combination
Team 90s TV Show
Saved By the Bell…sup Kelly Kapowski
Team Song
Torn by Natalie Imbruglia
Distance to Charlottesville, VA
341 Miles
Player Roster
“Sloppy” Joe Dalli
Evan “Chulo” Hallal
Eric “Ricky G” Einhorn
Richard “Dick” Stella
Danny Dangles
Tall Tom
Cascino, Dylan
Davey “New Guy” Saltz
Franky-boy Machiavelli
Kyle Mile
Star Players
“Your all winners in my book” -my mom
Law Review Nerds
Its law school, we’re all nerds.
Team History

In the words of Lil Wayne, we’re back like we forgot something. Year three, and BLS Blue is looking forward to what will be the swan song for just about our entire roster. Our back-to-back 1 win/2 loss performances has left us comfortably confident that this will be our year (provided no games are scheduled before noon).

Practice Regimen
We literally have not even seen a softball since October.
Want To Play Against
Yale (nerds/need some revenge)
DON’T Want To Play Against
Whichever UVA team mercy’d us at 7am laster year
Favorite Thing About The Tournament
The beautiful relationship BLS Blue has made with last year’s champs Ave Maria…those guys are fun as fuck.
The Tournament Would Be More Awesome If
It was sunny and 75. Last year’s weather was for the birds. Also unlimited corn bread at lunch would be nice. And let Uncle Frankie smoke a bogey while he’s pitching. It’s only right.

Tell whoever stocks all the local bars to have Rumplemintz and Bacardi 151 on on ice.

See you all on “The Hill.”