Team Name
Bigly Chew
Penn Law
Seferina Berch, Jack Wray
Team Color
Red, White, & Blue
Team Mascot
A Healthy Liver
Team 90s TV Show
Sabrina the Teenage Witch
Team Song
“All I Do Is Win”
Distance to Charlottesville, VA
Do we look like Google Maps?
Player Roster
John “Jack” Wray (C)
Seferina Berch (C)
Jamil Favors (Asst to the Captains)
Jeff Bashara
Kyle Terao
Andrew Patrick
Ruth “Beat Your Ass Barbie” Vassilas
Nicole Pennycooke
Aaron Shaddy
Stephen Lamb
Alex Ussia
Shilpa Soundararajan
Jason Gangwer
Peter Fishkind
Tim Pfenninger
Ciara Coppell
Sean Daru
Margaret Ledak
Evan Shaver
Star Players
We’re all special here
Law Review Nerds
John Wray, Jason Gangwer, Aaron Shaddy, Stephen Lamb, Alex Ussia
Team History

…full of Bluebooks and pin cites, somewhere between 15 and 20 law students came together with the shared goals of hitting dingers and chugging beers. Led by President Berch and Chief Inebriation Officer Wray, they hoped to return from UVA at least somewhat as victorious as they had the year before, when one of their players hit the sole run of their 3 game career while blackout drunk. Sadly, this was not an accomplishment that the administration decided to honor on the Penn website but it will remain immortalized in team lore for (at least) a few months. Our heroes traveled by train and by car to (hopefully warmer than last year) Charlottesville, Virginia. They had not practiced and didn’t expect to be terribly good at anything except drinking, but by gosh they had heart. And lots of alcohol.

Will they win? Will they lose? Will there be vomit? We sincerely hope the answer to the last two questions is no, but only time will tell.

Practice Regimen
Our tournament practice regimen involves YouTubing “softball” and falling asleep to A League of Their Own.
Want To Play Against
Fellow alcoholics so we don’t get judged
DON’T Want To Play Against
Softball gunners
Favorite Thing About The Tournament
The crack of well-hit ball, the smell of freshly mowed grass, and the camaraderie of team sports all rank up there, but our favorite thing about the tournament is obviously the day-drinking.
The Tournament Would Be More Awesome If
We had a team dog that could ground balls.
“OMG did you see that guy on second? We’re totally going to third tonight”