Team Name
Around the Hornbook
UConn Law (Hartford, CT)
Jeff Lounsbury
Team Color
Gray + Navy Blue
Team Mascot
Team 90s TV Show
Team Song
Big Pun – Still Not a Player
Distance to Charlottesville, VA
450 Miles
Player Roster
Jeff Lounsbury
Walter Klimczak
Liz Santovasi
Paige Owens
Will Price
Andrew Ammirati
Henry Zaccardi
Chris Isleib
Katie Blouin
Maria Catalina Peralta Esquivel
Aniella Fignon
Alyssa Medalla
Star Players
Maria Catalina Peralta Esquivel (she RAKES)
Law Review Nerds
Andrew Ammirati (#notmyEIC), Liz Santovasi (AME)
Team History
Our squad is composed of the most intelligent, kind, and well-rounded law students on God’s green earth. All team members have CALI’d at least one law school class, volunteer at animal shelters, and still manage to have fun on the weekends. Not surprisingly, we also excel on the softball diamond. For example, our team has a former D-1 softball player, an individual who played 1 year of D-3 baseball (he was cut during his sophomore year), and three newcomers who have literally never touched a softball. We expect to destroy each one of our opponents in humiliating fashion.
Practice Regimen
We talkin’ about practice!?!?!? Not a game…..not a game….we talkin’ about practice, man!
Want To Play Against
Harvard Law’s Cream Team (lol #nerds)
DON’T Want To Play Against
Oliver Wendell Holm(ers)…a lot of studs on that team
Favorite Thing About The Tournament
Kicking ass and taking names.
The Tournament Would Be More Awesome If
the competition was better. It gets kinda boring when you’re blowing out every team by +20 runs.