Roger Williams Quahogs ’19

Team Name Suffolk Rams
School Suffolk University Law School
Location Boston, MA
Division Co-Rec League (aka, Beer Division)
Captains Drinking Captain Meghan Huggan & Resident Frat Boy Brad Feimer
Team Color Navy & Gold
Team Mascot Past-President Liz Libro
Team 90s TV Show “Ah! Real Monsters!”
Team Song “Good Vibrations” – Marky Mark & The Funky Bunch
Distance to Charlottesville, VA 553 miles in a little over 9hrs; If we were to measure it in beer, our guess is about 2 30racks of BL & 6 bottles of wine.
Player Roster
Name Title Position Fun Stuff Lauren McNelley President Pitcher #92 looks forward to her final UVA Invitational & hopes to win every drinking game she’s challenged too. If a couple of W’s get sprinkled in on the softball field, well so be it! This is the final farewell before committing to a life of paperwork stacks as high as her. Kaila DeFalco Left Out lol Ball is certainly life for her, but this will be her first venture into the world of softball! Brianna Burns 1st Base Ready to graduate, but first let’s have some fun…Came to drink, but down to play ball! Jessie Carredano Outfield looks forward to her first UVA Invitational. All she can hope for is to not make a fool of herself. Wants to show people that even at this old age she can still out drink the youths Anki Birnschein Outfield Hailing from the lands of Germany, this girl is a professional Beer Olympics contestant and looks forward to enjoying America’s “past time.’ Hanna Holm Outfield another one from the great lands of Germany, she looks forward to a classic southern weekend full of beers, balls, and bangers! Brad Feimer Treasurer Short Stop he’ll stop anyone short with his cheeky plays. Beware of this dude on the field! Jeff Price 1st Base another newbie tot he team, but ready and willing to take the competition by storm! Hernan Prados 2nd Base first time on the team and first on the field every time! Alejandro Machin 3rd Base the guy is Cuban. He bleeds ball! Meghan Huggan Vice President Catcher Holds down the drinking team responsibilities before anything else! Zach Paskalis Catcher that classic guy that plays in jeans, so no one takes him seriously, until he makes a double play and slams some dingasssss!
Star Players The Crazy Cuban, Big Alj himself!
Law Review Nerds LOL! Who cares about those guys?! High Tech and Transnational forever!
Team History We’ve been too drunk to remember, but we’re sure we had fun!
Practice Regimen Frequenting the bar crawl scene
Want To Play Against The UVA Party team; We love their costumes every year!
DON’T Want To Play Against … other Boston teams,. We see them too much; Sorry not sorry!
Favorite Thing About The Tournament The camaraderie!!! Favorite weekend of the year!
The Tournament Would Be More Awesome If N/A; Nothing could make this weekend more perfect.
Anecdotes You’ll have to ask us at the bar.