Villanova ’19

Team Name Villanova
School Villanova University Charles Widger School of Law
Location Villanova, PA – Philadelphia’s Main Line
Division Co Rec
Captains Tim Muyano, John Miraglia
Team Color Blue and White
Team Mascot Wildcats
Team 90s TV Show Fresh Prince
Team Song Levels
Distance to Charlottesville, VA 200 miles
Player Roster
Tim Muyano John Miraglia Erin O’Hare Cathryn Ryan Jack Sexton Molly O’Neil Steph Slater Jessie Accurso Mike Neminski Anna Pelligra Joe Caputi Nick Morello Colin Higgins Kai Crevcour Billy Zwicharowski Jake Lelyand Jarell Johnson Sam Farris Nick Voss Andy Sippel
Star Players Cathryn Ryan and Erin O’Hare
Law Review Nerds Caputi, Miraglia, Neminski, and Muyano
Team History The Cats are back for the second year in a row, but return only two members of last year’s team. Fresh off a quarterfinals defeat to JAG last year, the new look Cats hope to bring yet another championship back to Villanova. The timing would be perfect to have the Natty Champ Parade and the UVA Champ Parade together at the same time.
Practice Regimen “But we’re talking about practice, man. How silly is that?”
Want To Play Against JAG
DON’T Want To Play Against N/A
Favorite Thing About The Tournament The Biltmore
The Tournament Would Be More Awesome If We played for law school rankings—winner gets to keep the loser’s U.S. News & World Report rank.
Anecdotes Jay Wright would more than likely be proud of this team.   A quote from Villanova’s 2018 Captain Matt Lechner, “I got wind of this comment overheard today at UVA: ‘Villanofun is the rule, but that team is the exception.’” … Needless to say the Cats will bring the energy down with us again this year.