UVA Men’s Blue ’19

Team Name UVA Men’s Blue
School UVA
Location Charlottesville, VA
Division Regular
Captains Teddy Kristek & Ethan Silverman
Team Color White
Team Mascot Madison “Rings Get Swings” Gwin, and also Thach
Team 90s TV Show Boy Meets World
Team Song Blue – Eiffel 65
Distance to Charlottesville, VA Literally Zero
Player Roster
Teddy “Assistant Regional Manager” Kristek Ethan “Assistant TO the Regional Manager” Silverman Brandon “Just Don’t Strike Out” Davis BLP (d/b/a Brian Lee Patterson) Clay “Will Ride the Bench if Auburn wins” Philips Jake “Rakes” Young James “Fastest Man Alive” Dionne Michael “Doesn’t Need His Elbow Ligaments” LaMonte Reese “14 Majors, 80 Wins, Some Broken Car Windows, and a Tasteful Dick Pick” Gwin Stuart “Thank You for Your Service” Craft Vik “Supreme” Vivek
Star Players Also, literally zero
Law Review Nerds Brandon Davis and Clay Phillips, but Dionne went to Harvard and he thinks that counts.
Team History Beat UVA Men’s Gold in the Championship in 2017, nothing else matters
Practice Regimen BP with BLP
Want To Play Against Will Veith
DON’T Want To Play Against Will Veith
Favorite Thing About The Tournament Watching how much Macey cares about slow pitch softball
The Tournament Would Be More Awesome If “I was allowed to play on one of the drunk teams.” – Brandon Davis
Anecdotes That one time Ethan literally concussed himself playing slow pitch, recreational, beer league, law school softball