UVA Co-Rec Beach Bums ’19

Team Name Co-Rec Beach Bums
School UVA
Location Charlottesville, VA
Division Co Rec
Captains Janie M. O’Connor Alexandra H. Goldman Charles A. Condro
Team Color Tropical Print
Team Mascot David Hasselhoff
Team 90s TV Show Boy Meets World
Team Song Taylor Swift, Dress (Big Machine Records 2017)
Distance to Charlottesville, VA 0 miles
Player Roster
Janie “Bonecrusher” O’Connor
Ali “Sweet but psycho” Goldman
Will “Tom Brady doesn’t kiss his kids on the mouth” Haslun
Howie “Mandel” Bruno
Chelsea “Scism of 1054”
Gabby “One Kidney” Gaudet
Rebecca “Don’t F*ck w Me” Rubin
Clay “Teacher’s Worst Nightmare” Davis
Julia “Build the” Wahl
John “Mo Vaughn” Hale
Jansen “#1 Field Monitor” VanderMeulen
Toccara “beyond done with all you people” Nelson
Vicky “the Violin” Granda
Robbie “Mr. UVA” Pomeroy
Charles “I don’t make art for an audience” Condro
Derek “Michael” Keaton  
Star Players There is no “I’ in team … But also John Hale
Law Review Nerds Vicky Granda Robbie Pomeroy Derek Keaton
Team History Originally founded in 1901 as the Baltimore Orioles
Practice Regimen Took assignments in both Litigation and Corporate
Want To Play Against The backdrop of the beautiful Blue Ridge mountains
DON’T Want To Play Against Anyone who hits the ball really hard. Ouch!
Favorite Thing About The Tournament The networking opportunities
The Tournament Would Be More Awesome If We were better at softball