UConn Law Blue ’19

Team Name UConn Law Blue 
School University of Connecticut School of Law
Location Hartford, CT
Division Co Rec
Captains Henry Zaccardi & Joe Espinal 
Team Color Blue
Team 90s TV Show Full House (Cough* Yale Cough*)
Team Song Party in the USA by Miley Cyrus
Distance to Charlottesville, VA 3 weeks by horse and buggie 
Player Roster
Henry “Hank the Tank” Zaccardi: Here to crush homeruns, crush dreams and get knocked out of the tournament by Yale.   Joe “Weakened Warrior” Espinal: I’m going downtown!   James “GEIS” Geisler: My life peaked the day I met Shooter McGavin.  And my spirit animal is Nick Miller.   Allaina ‘I’m just here to socialize’ Murphy”: I never made it pass second base.   Emily “Just Trying to Score” Byrnes: She retired from the game at her peak in 7th grade, but is returning for one weekend only.   Brian “Kinsella” Denove: picked last in gym class.   Erin “sliding into 3B” Peterson: keeping an open mind, so I volunteer as relief pitcher.   Abby “Smalls” Marchinkoski: Best friends with Benny “The Jet” Rodriguez. Just figured out who The Babe was. Softball isn’t my sport, so I’m here for the s’mores and the Big Chief chew. Ainsley “Ainz” Parish: I’m praying for homeruns. Sacrificing for runs. Do you get it? My last name is Parish.   Deborah “Hawaii” Dicristofaro: From the warm beaches of Maui to the frozen tundra of Connecticut. Can of corn!   Elizabeth “Dizzy” Panico: I’m panicking. Please help. Don’t hit the ball near me.   Eric Anderson   Jeffrey Lounsbury
Star Players Erin Peterson, Brian Denove. From last pick in gym class to UVA Softball MVP.
Law Review Nerds Elizabeth Panico, Ainsley Parrish, Abby Marchinkoski.
Team History Went deep into Sunday last year. Got knocked out by Yale. Hungry for revenge. Will settle for crushing Quinnipiac again…
Practice Regimen 3 hours of badminton, 2 liters of Pepsi and meatball hero.
Want To Play Against Buffalo, they know why. NYU, Yale and Army JAG Corps.
DON’T Want To Play Against UVA–we don’t want to embarrass them at home.
Favorite Thing About The Tournament Drinking, winning, eating, and winning
The Tournament Would Be More Awesome If There was actual networking and Linkedin following
Anecdotes That one time…a pitcher for another team stole one of our beers. Shotgunned it. Then ran back onto the field. It’s not that funny.