Regent Law ’19

Team Name Regent Law
School Regent University
Location Virginia Beach, VA
Division Co rec
Captains Justin Pipes
Team Color White with green pin-stripes
Team Mascot Royals
Team 90s TV Show Hey Arnold!
Team Song Legend Has It – Run the Jewels
Distance to Charlottesville, VA 3 hours
Player Roster   Justin Pipes: Freak accident involving lightning gave him the ability to cover the whole field on defense and reach first safely no matter where he hits it.   Ethan Byers: Hailing from a planet with a red sun, his life here on Earth under a yellow sun has given him strength to hit home runs every time he is up.   Will Palmer: After eating the heart shaped herb Will now has the power, strength, and agility of all the greats that came before him.   Gordon Wolcott: After the defeat of the Mongos and being dubbed “King of the Impossible,” Gordon returned to Earth to dominate in this softball tournament.   Destinee Easley: Growing up a spy and then working for SHIELD, Destinee is the secret weapon that most people don’t see coming.   Molly Banas: On the island of Themiscyra there wasn’t much else to do but play softball and win.   Wes Jones: He survived cancer through a rare treatment he now takes his new look on life and sarcasm to the field where he will trash talk anyone.   Michael Labella: A few gamma rays never hurt anyone, especially when they give you an alternative personality that smashes the baseball like no one else.   Beatriz Suzuki: With ability to control weather she’s on the team to make sure it doesn’t snow this year.   The Unknown: Always on our side usually in the form of a player we didn’t know would show up.
Star Players Justin Pipes and Ethan Byers
Law Review Nerds Will Palmer and Molly Banas
Team History We tried to be the Avengers, and then the Justice League, and realized we didn’t have super powers or money to make that happen. So, we ended up playing softball.
Practice Regimen We have watched baseball
Want To Play Against Teams that show up
DON’T Want To Play Against Idiots
Favorite Thing About The Tournament When we actually get to play a game.
The Tournament Would Be More Awesome If More teams showed up to the games they are scheduled for.