Penn Team 1 ’19

Team Name Penn Team 1 (“Accidentally in Law”)
School Penn Law
Location Philadelphia
Division co rec
Captains Evan Shaver, Margaret Ledak
Team Color PMS 201 Red
Team Mascot Gritty
Team 90s TV Show First Season of Law & Order
Team Song Accidentally in Love
Distance to Charlottesville, VA 252 miles
Player Roster
Evan Shaver, Margaret Ledak, Adriana Simmons, Alexa Jacobson, Allyson Reynolds, Amanda Simmons, Bradie Williams, Emily Lubin, Emily Purtill, Erik Lampmann, Hal Shimkoski, Ilana Saltz, Jeremiah Oteh, Jorja Knauer, Katherine Joseph, Khari Cyrus, MacKinzie Neal, Nicky Stracar, Zack Dunn
Star Players Evan Shaver & Margaret Ledak
Law Review Nerds Alexa Jacobson & Amanda Simmons
Team History Est. 2019
Practice Regimen No need to practice when you’re perfect
Want To Play Against Not here for a long time, just here for a good time
DON’T Want To Play Against Sportsball Gunners
Favorite Thing About The Tournament Late Night Dumplings
The Tournament Would Be More Awesome If Great as is!
Anecdotes N/A