NUSL ’19

Team Name NUSL
School Northeastern University School of Law
Location Boston, MA
Division co rec
Captains Carolyn Da Cunha & Sam Westbrook
Team Color Red, like the blood of our enemies
Team Mascot Cathy in a Hawaiian shirt
Team 90s TV Show Legends of the Hidden Temple
Team Song Changes on the regular, but always a banger
Distance to Charlottesville, VA Wicked Fah
Player Roster
Carolyn Da Cunha is our coach/mom, a member of the national championship winning Boston Renegades football team, and most likely to start a brawl with BU in the dumpling palace – basically   an all-around badass.   Sam Westbrook is the team mom and most likely to be found asking if everyone has reapplied their sunscreen.   Jessica “Don’t Mess with Texas” Treviño may be little, but don’t be fooled! She’s definitely very mean and has a formidable knowledge of niche pop culture facts, spanning serial killers to Housewives.   Gary Howell-Walton’s birthday is this weekend but don’t try to guess his age – he’s been fooling people for years!   Anthony Witowski, a proud new Dad, is our mimosa mixologist – extra pulp only.   Sarah Ropiak joined the team as a 3L, which sucks for us because she played softball in college and is super good. WTF Sarah!   Alex Eddinger is coming to UVA riding high off of Team Germany’s victory at NUSL Beerlympics. Can he keep up the streak?   Catherine Houser, a softball novice turned most improved player, is a ball of sunshine with discerning taste in bangers and Hawaiian shirts.   Erin VanBuskirk’s get pumped playlist is a direct rip of Van’s Warped Tour playlist.   Jake Butts, more than a pair of beautiful glutes, this guy can hit a softball, hard.   Matheus Dos Reis, voted teammate most likely to whip out a warm ham sandwich six hours in to the drive to Virginia and not think it’s gross.   Pablo Hernandez Romero might pull a hammie.   Peter “Party Pete” Tison wears jeans to practice like they’re going out of style.   Tom Jackson doesn’t want to go to Chili’s for dinner.   Rob “New Guy” Lindston showed his cannon of an arm in rec league dodgeball last fall, now it’s time to hit Dingers.   Dan “British Dan” Wells is trading in his cricket gear for a softball bat at his first UVA tournament.   Devon Freidfertig – “ ‘You miss 100% of the shots you don’t take. – Wayne Gretzky’ “ – Michael Scott” – Devon Freifgertig   Matt Netti – True story, I caught one of Matt’s hits at our last practice and now I have a bruise on my hand. For your own safety I recommend just letting him have those home runs.
Star Players We are all stars! But really, Gary. The answer is always Gary
Law Review Nerds Much like grades, NUSL rejects labels like “nerd”
Team History Many years of history at NUSL but interest and talent is higher than it has been in the past 3 years.
Practice Regimen As often as possible when Boston isn’t a frigid wasteland, supplemented with grueling feats of strength at our first annual team Beerlympics
Want To Play Against Anybody but the Florida teams – they’re clearly a minor league professional team out of spring training disguising as a law school because they want to feel at the top of their game.
DON’T Want To Play Against Boston Teams – BU, BC, Suffolk, New England, Harvard. We have a big tournament in October where we play many of these teams multiple times.
Favorite Thing About The Tournament Barbeque, dumplings, and beer
The Tournament Would Be More Awesome If Someone invented teleportation so we didn’t have to drive 10 hours to get there
Anecdotes Phillies reliver Tug McGraw (father of Tim McGraw) was once asked whether he preferred grass or AstroTurf, to which he replied, “I don’t know, I never smoked AstroTurf.”