La Russa’s Lads ’19

Team Name La Russa’s Lads
School The Florida State University College of Law
Location Tallahassee, FL (Home of T-Pain, Creed and the y-bomb)
Division Regular
Captains Mitch Custer (Head of Analytics for FSU Baseball if you haven’t heard)
Team Color Garnet and Mustard
Team Mascot Renegade, Bert Givens’ noble steed
Team 90s TV Show “Seinfeld is the only answer”- Clay Gilman
Team Song Buy U a Drank by T-Pain
Distance to Charlottesville, VA 737 miles (11.5 hour drive but 35 hours on Renegade)
Player Roster
Mitch “The Karaoke King” Custer 3L Coach McLane “Please run harder Bert” Edwards Ryan “The Great White Hope “ Dyson 2L Benjamin “Gold Glove“ Lagos 2L Clay “Face Fracture” Gilman 2L The Crown Juul of FSU Law, Mike Maloney (516-220-2278 Hit him up) 2L Bert “The World’s Greatest Wingman” Givens 2L Kevin “Sunshine” Kane 1L Evan “Dan Mullen’s protégé” Drake 2L TJ “The Body” Percell (Hands off ladies he’s spoken for) 1L Jorge “He doesn’t just hit on softballs” Alfonso 1L Grant “Our last hope for a Law Review member” Haas 1L Mac “MBA” Hudson 2L
Star Players Nate Planitz (Thought an NFL QB’s wedding was more important than this tournament) Coach McLane Edwards: Brings snacks and spirit to every game (unless he has reading to do)
Law Review Nerds TBD (looking at you 1Ls)
Team History Formally known as Scalia’s Disciples, La Russa’s Lads felt that we needed to pay homage to our most famous alumni, Hall of Famer Tony La Russa. After a tough ending at last year’s tournament, we’re back with a new team, a new coach, and a desire to put out a better performance than FSU Football did this season.  We’ve already got one All-Campus championship trophy this year, and we’re looking to add some more hardware to our collection.
Practice Regimen Normal Team: 9am Saturday morning workouts that always seem to get pushed back to 2 pm after a Friday happy hour at Bull’s. Bert Givens: 5:30 am Leg Workout Mon-Sun Jorge Alfonso: Chest and Tris Mon-Wed
Want To Play Against UVA Gold, we haven’t forgotten about last year  
DON’T Want To Play Against Seton Hall, they don’t like to show up to their night games Buffalo, Ryan Dyson is too fragile to be thrown through a table
Favorite Thing About The Tournament Cook Out, not even close
The Tournament Would Be More Awesome If We had as many fans as UVA show up
Anecdotes Prior to the season, team captain Mitch Custer broke down the entire team’s spray charts from practice and carefully formulated a lineup to maximize run production.   After a tragic Fortnite related injury, 2L Mike Maloney heroically showed up to the All-Campus championship two minutes before first pitch and went 2-4 helping the team to a 26-3 win over Sigma Phi Epsilon.