Harvard Elle Woods

Team Name Harvard Elle Woods
School Harvard
Location Cambridge
Division Co rec
Captains Sophie Daroff & LJ Sanchez
Team Color Harvard Crimson
Team Mascot Nala, Sophball’s puppy
Team 90s TV Show Rugrats
Team Song Middle
Distance to Charlottesville, VA 552 miles
Player Roster
[LIST PLAYERS BELOW! Feel free to be creative but make sure names are clear] Sophie Daroff (“Sophball”) LJ Sanchez (“2LJ”) Allison Bray Benjamin Roth Jordan Keeton Joseph Diaz Sara Del Balzo Willy Chotzen-Freund Daniel Alford Sam Santopoalo Ben Buchholz Brendan Schneiderman Gavriel Schreiber Hunter Fortney Nick Hine  
Star Players We’re all in the top 3.
Law Review Nerds Still waiting for the waitlist call.
Team History Every hotel we stay at burns down/closes.
Practice Regimen What is practice?
Want To Play Against Ohio State
DON’T Want To Play Against UVA
Favorite Thing About The Tournament Biltmore
The Tournament Would Be More Awesome If We won.
Anecdotes One of our players went to the ER for getting his face stuck in the outfield fence.