Harvard Baker Mayfields ’19

Team Name Harvard Baker Mayfields
School Harvard
Location Cambridge
Division Co rec
Captains Matt Slovin, Kristin Keakel, Sameer Aggarwal
Team Color Harvard Crimson
Team Mascot John Harvard
Team 90s TV Show The Powerpuff Girls
Team Song Baby Shark
Distance to Charlottesville, VA 552 miles
Player Roster
[LIST PLAYERS BELOW! Feel free to be creative but make sure names are clear] Matt Slovin Kristin Yeakel Sameer Aggarwal Chanslor Gallenstein Hannah Mullen Jacque Sahlberg Signa Mahung Chad Mata Daniel Egel-Weiss Harish Vemuri J.R. Riggs Joey Montgomery Whitney Leets Ethan Lowens  
Star Players Let’s not get carried away.
Law Review Nerds Aren’t we all?
Team History More forfeits than wins.
Practice Regimen Can’t stop, won’t stop.
Want To Play Against Yale
DON’T Want To Play Against The 2nd best law school in New England.
Favorite Thing About The Tournament The drinking.
The Tournament Would Be More Awesome If We actually showed up to our games.
Anecdotes We were never at the right field at the right time.