Georgia State A Team ’19

Team Name A-Team
School Georgia State
Location Atlanta, Georgia
Division Co rec
Captains Harrison Kulp Dowdy White
Team Color Blue
Team Mascot Panther
Team 90s TV Show Fresh Prince
Team Song ATLiens – Outkast
Distance to Charlottesville, VA 507 miles
Player Roster
Jaime Steinhaus – Our secret weapon Abby Fitts – She will kill you with kindness Laura Steinbach – Just really excited to be here Erin Winn – Sunscreen queen Monique Hundley – The Athlete Cody Doegg – Knows an alarming amount of softball facts and techniques John Wingate – Dropper of bombs and protects first base with his life Vladimir Benoit – International man of mystery Andrew Brown – He really wants a home run derby Mat Toomey – Mr. Consistent Dowdy White – An umpire’s worst nightmare Daniel Skelton – Will argue to the death about ANYTHING Morgan Ownbey – Not much is known about Morgan, will he drop bombs? Does he have a cannon for an arm? Does he even know that we are playing softball? Elliot Dordick – You may beat us in softball, but I guarantee Elliot will beat you in golf Harrison Kulp – Voted most likely to get hurt
Star Players Jaime Steinhaus Andrew Brown John Wingate
Law Review Nerds Dowdy a.k.a. ‘The Great Dowdino”
Team History It hasn’t been great, but it hasn’t been horrible… We’ve also had a girl run around in a taco costume for the past few years?
Practice Regimen Practice?
Want To Play Against Cornell – apparently, they took our beer a few years ago and we never forget or forgive
DON’T Want To Play Against We fear nobody
Favorite Thing About The Tournament What’s not to love?
The Tournament Would Be More Awesome If Home Run Derby
Anecdotes Under promise and over perform If you aren’t first, you’re last