Fordham Goonies ’19

Team Name Fordham Softball Goonies
School Fordham University School of Law
Location New York, NY
Division Co-rec
Captains Hanna Feldman (emotional support) & Sophia Dauria (libations expert)
Team Color Blood, sweat, and tears
Team Mascot alcohol
Team 90s TV Show Double Dare
Team Song Started from the Bottom
Distance to Charlottesville, VA 343 miles (aka $1 mil in tolls)
Player Roster
Maddison Levine Kayla Giampoalo Deborah Ogali Sara Buchholz Ricky Knapp Marc Orlando Bernie Olshansky Pat Brady Andrew Petric John Reklaitis Colleen Dunn David Sacco
Star Players Alcohol
Law Review Nerds Don’t ask, don’t tell
Team History She doesn’t even go here
Practice Regimen Working those quads on NYC sidewalks
Want To Play Against Georgetown, Penn, UGA
DON’T Want To Play Against Title VII
Favorite Thing About The Tournament Drinking, winning, dumplings, and winning
The Tournament Would Be More Awesome If It wasn’t sleeting this time
Anecdotes Working on our Snapchat filter