Drexel Dragoons ’19

Team Name Drexel Dragoons
School Thomas R. Kline School of Law
Location Philadelphia, PA
Division Co-rec
Captains Chuck Spinella, Rakim Solomon
Team Color Blue & Gold
Team Mascot Lorenzo Thomas
Team 90s TV Show Legends of the Hidden Temple
Team Song Sweet Victory
Distance to Charlottesville, VA 300 Miles
Player Roster
Chuck Spinella Alex Goldberg Cecile MouchonDan BehrJared Stegman Lorenzo Thomas Kelli LongSpencer Plante Rakim SolomonShoshana MahonJosh Ullmann Veronica Di Bello  
Star Players Steve Sander
Law Review Nerds Chuck Spinella (lol jk)
Team History Succeeded from Longball Law in 2019
Practice Regimen  
Want To Play Against Teams Looking To Have Fun!
DON’T Want To Play Against  
Favorite Thing About The Tournament  
The Tournament Would Be More Awesome If