Dickinson Woolsackers 2 ’19

Team Name Woolsackers 2
School Dickinson Law
Location Carlisle, PA
Division Co-Rec
Captains Sean Bacon, Idan Ghazanfari
Team Color Gray/Blue
Team Mascot  
Team 90s TV Show  
Team Song  
Distance to Charlottesville, VA 225 miles
Player Roster
Sean Bacon, Idan Ghazanfari, Alex Short, Nick Stobbe, Michael Giordano, Pete Young, Stewart Miller Nick Cherry, Aaron Gallagher, Becca Marsnik, Bianca Nalaschi, Sarah Zomaya, Courtney McMonagle
Star Players Pete Young, Stewart Miller, Nick Stobbe, Sean Bacom, Idan Ghazanfari
Law Review Nerds Alex Short, Bianca Nalaschi, Becca Marsnik, Sarah Zomaya
Team History Been coming to tournament since the 80s
Practice Regimen  
Want To Play Against Yale, California team
DON’T Want To Play Against  
Favorite Thing About The Tournament The comradery between teams
The Tournament Would Be More Awesome If