Campbell Co-Rec ’19

Team Name Campbell Co-Rec
School Campbell Law School
Location Raleigh, NC
Division Co-rec
Captains Jeff Dobson, Terra Johnson
Team Color Orange and Black
Team Mascot The Beer Can (Brand is irrelevant)
Team 90s TV Show CatDog
Team Song Copperhead Road, by Steve Erle
Distance to Charlottesville, VA Enough time to watch the Incredibles and listen to 15 songs.
Player Roster
Terra “Golden Glove” Johnson – Half of the 2018 World’s Best Power Couple, Terra was once drafted by the red sox to play third base.  She is the only female third baseman in league, and the only player to hold three MLB golden gloves.  She promises to be a “strong independent woman” who throws out every batter who hits her way.   Summer “Flying High” Combs – Before heading to her first internship, this Air Force JAG hopeful promises she sends some softballs “flying high”.    Mikayla “Bicameral” Shaw – During Con Law, her professor asked what Bicameralism was, and she responded with “Means you can field and hit, you got to be good at both.”    Casidhe “Not the City” Elston –  Casidhe moved from New York, not the city the state, to Raleigh, North Carolina to attend Law School.  You will never hear her sing Frank Sinatra’s New York, New York, or ask you “How you doin’”, but she is Yogi Berra behind the plate.    Keith “Run like you’re being chased” Boyette – This outfielder will lead off for the team every game. He’s got ‘get away from the cops’ speed as he promises to stretch every single into a double, and every double into a triple.  Alex “Big Island” Sefton – While Alex is the other half of 2018 World’s Best Power Couple, he spends most of his time on the softball field in the lonely position, pitcher.  His knuckleball is so world renowned that the earth stops spinning every time he throws it.     Landis “The Long Ball” Barber – Standing a massive 7’2”, but weighing in at a mere140 pounds, his stature may be misleading.  Landis drives the softball like Tiger drives golf ball off the tee.   Landis once hit a homerun so far, the FAA picked it up on radar.    Wyatt “Goose” Bland – Wyatt left the set of Top Gun II as Tom Cruises’ stunt double to attend law school at Campbell.  Not quite ready to completely leave Tom behind, you will always see Goose in his aviator shades.  Fully expect to see Wyatt sing “loving feeling” Saturday night.   Chris “Long Foul Ball” Pederson –   Aspiring to take Landis place as the Long Ball Leader, this lefty has hit dozens of balls over the fence, but none of them between the foul poles.   Jeff “Old Man” Dobson – Twice the average of the other players on the team, Jeff is set on reliving his youth one last time on his third and final trip to the ville.    Alexis “Belle” Massengill – Alexis has more beauty crowns than Queen Elizabeth, but make no mistake, she plan on ruling the softball field with an iron fist while showing off her slick dance moves as she rounds the bases.       Mason “The Unknown” Jennings – We will be honest, we have seen Mason’s name on the UVA roster, and our Rec league at home, but no one has actually seen him.  However he plays, we will look as surprised as you.    Kevin “Uncle Rico” Cline – Hailing from Centre College (we don’t know where it is either), this starting backup quarterback swears there is still juice left in his arm.  Kevin spends his free time making throwing video in open fields, hoping one day, to return to the football field.    Zach “LT” Bowman – not all who wander are lost, except the lieutenant he is definitely lost.  If you see Zach, please send him to the field where Campbell is playing.  Our Marine lieutenant did come complete with crayons.   First time offenders here at the Ville: Alexis Massengill, Mason Jennings, Chris Pederson, Wyatt Bland, Casidhe Elston, Summer Combs, Zach Bowman, Kevin Cline, and Mikayla Shaw. Repeat Offenders:  Terra Johnson, Keith Boyette, Landis Barber Third strikers:  Alex Sefton and Jeff Dobson
Star Players   Terra “golden glove” Johnson Landis “the long ball” Barber
Law Review Nerds We drink too much to be on law review
Team History We’ve stayed around to play a few games on Sunday last couple of years
Practice Regimen We drink the night prior and show up.  Some of our best performances are hung over
Want To Play Against Teams that came for fun
DON’T Want To Play Against Teams that came hoping to get noticed by MLB scouts
Favorite Thing About The Tournament Alcohol….Softball…….Alcohol
The Tournament Would Be More Awesome If Bring back the home run derby
Anecdotes The best stories are left untold