Buffalo Blue + Black ’19

Team Name Buffalo Blue + Black
School Buffalo
Location Buffalo, NY
Division Co Rec
Captains Connor Entenmann & Sarah Elardo
Team Color Blue & Black
Team Mascot Harvard Mike Altman + Juul Vapor
Team 90s TV Show The correct and only answer is: Rocket Power
Team Song Shout, Pts. 1 & 2 by The Isley Brothers
Distance to Charlottesville, VA 456 Miles
Blue:  Connor Entenmann – Social Leader, Nick Winkley – Strength and Conditioning Coach, Zach Dewey -Brand Ambassador for Juul, Connor Dougherty, Billy Fitzgerald, Dylan Garlock, Chris Kirkland – The Human Cold Take, Sal Licciardello – MLB Pitching Prospect and World Class Sprinter, Andy Pawenski, Spencer Stresing, Mike Szalach Sarah Elardo, Bethany Taylor, Serena Mott, Sam Rubino, Hilary Panek, Bridget Dailey, Gabbie Tremont, Molly Spakowski Black:  Harvard Mike Altman, Alex Bitar, Rich Brooks, Jack Doyle, Colin Knoer, Joe Notartomas, Louis Panzica, Sal Prince, Mike Ryman, Alex Vacco, Mohammed Alam, Adam DelleBovi Morgan Obrochta, Grace Turner, Bre Reilly, Cher Kennedy, Jordana Gelber, Cassidy Martin, Hannah Anderson, Alana Bernhardt, Erica Chiodo, Shelby Scibetta  
Star Players Folks, it is 2019, we’re all star players in our own, special way!
Law Review Nerds Sal Licciardello Nick Winkley Hilary Panek Molly Spakowski Gabby Tremont Collin Knoer Rich Brooks
Team History First playoff birth ever in 2018, but we were notified of our matchup early Sunday morning after going to bed at like 430 am.  Rumor has it that we won the Sunday matchup on a coin flip and we were a Final Four team.  Also, our “C Team” lost their last game by about 75 runs and didn’t get out of the first inning.
Practice Regimen Bicep curls and shoulder presses with 30 racks of Labatt Blue for strength.  Timed inhales of juul vapor to test conditioning.   Anybody on the team who practices the actual game of softball ahead of the tournament is at least subject to discipline, at most expulsion from school.
Want To Play Against Any team/school worthy of a case race against Bills Mafia.
DON’T Want To Play Against UMBC Men’s Basketball
Favorite Thing About The Tournament Connecting with the brightest legal minds that our law schools have to offer and connecting with all of them on LinkedIn.  Just kidding, it’s binge drinking in dugouts.
The Tournament Would Be More Awesome If The 8 AM game was abolished.
Anecdotes We’re just a big group looking for some good, clean fun.