BU White ’19

Team Name BU White
School Boston University
Location Boston University
Division Boston Unive- oh wait right Co-Rec
Captains Sarah/Liam/Rachel
Team Color Red/White
Team Mascot Chester (the Cheeto’s) Cheetah- The only one who can handle how flamin’ hot we are.
Team 90s TV Show Doug– the chronicles of “Derb” Hoch
Team Song ”Don’t Stop Me Now”- Queen
Distance to Charlottesville, VA (I would walk) 500 Miles
Player Roster   Sarah “Tri-sarah-tops” Gaughan – Looking for enthusiastic team player to work with BU Law Softball. Players will work closely with Sarah and a high-quality Law Softball team. Will work on issues related to throwing, catching, and hitting. Background in softball not required, but a demonstrated interest in softball is a plus.   Liam “Best Part of the Show” Farrell – Liam plays first base like he plays any instrument – flawlessly.   Tori “I’m definitely not just here to drink beer with my friends” Johnson – Spoiler alert, she is. Her skills in the hot corner are the same as her skills at the bar: unparalleled.   Jimena “Jim” Mohedas – A newcomer to the tournament, fiercely defends against pop flys the same as she defends her teammates.   Bethany “Makes ‘You Throw Like a Girl’ a Compliment” Johnson – When asked recently why she participated in the Whole 30 challenge Bethany stated, “I need to be in my best health for the UVA tournament. BU White needs me.” We do Bethany. We really do.   Maryrose “The Rib” Robson – Injured by an errant line drive that blasted through a red cup while it was snowing in April in Virginia, Maryrose is back for more. True champ.   Matt “Yelich” West – Midwestern charm combined with a whole lotta talent. Will first ask you politely to forfeit (90% success rate), but won’t hesitate to bat/field/throw his way to victory against the other 10%.   Rachel “Gold Glove” Ganson – Exclusively wears Notre Dame boxing attire in hopes of intimidating the opponent. Usually stops working though when they see her hugging the base runners.
Doug “Derb” Hoch – Saw UVA weekend as an opportunity to force his peers into playing Splendor. Figured playing a few games of softball was a small price to pay for a weekend of this board game.   Ryan “Mr. President” Giggi – This will be Giggi’s first time at the tournament. He is most excited to visit the Thomas Jefferson Monument to take notes for his next Halloween costume. Hopefully this time he won’t forget the wig.   Jennifer “Team Spirit” Ampadu – 300-time winner of the “Most Enthusiasm” award, she knows how to inspire the masses and lead her team to total domination. Frequently forgets to bring her laptop charger to class but never forgets to bring her A-game to the field.   Kristina “Clockwork” Fried – Is it better for her to have chosen an out than to have a walk imposed upon her? Either way, Kristina is excited to rekindle her former softball glory.
Star Players Bethany Johnson, Matt West (when he shows up), Liam Farrell, & Rachel Ganson
Law Review Nerds Too cool for law review
Team History Put up 10+ runs in the first inning of their first incredible performance at the Battle of Boston. Promptly proceeded to lose their next 2 games.
Practice Regimen Weekly meditation (Mind > Body)
Want To Play Against BU A team Red
DON’T Want To Play Against No one. We’re fearless.
Favorite Thing About The Tournament Not taking a bus
The Tournament Would Be More Awesome If We flew there
Anecdotes The outgoing president once looked at BU White’s newly-elected captains and started his sentence with, “So you’re obviously not our best players, but…” It’s a perfect reflection of the brutal honesty this team embodies. Connor Burns, BU Red (2019).