2019 Invitational Team Profiles

Co Rec

Appalachian School of Law Miners

Appalachian School of Law Levisa River Waterdogs

BC Eagles

BC Maroon and Gold

BU Red

BU White

Brooklyn Law FRCP 12(f) Out

Brooklyn Law Carbolic Soft Balls

Buffalo Blue + Black

Campbell Law Co-Rec

Columbia Team A

Columbia Team B

Dickinson Woolsackers 1

Dickinson Woolsackers 2

Duke Dirty Ase & The Boys

Fordham Law Rams All-Stars

Fordham Law Softball Goonies

GMU Gold

GMU Green

Georgetown Roe v. Wade Boggs 3

Georgetown Torts Authority

Georgetown Center Hoya Lawyas

Georgia State  A-Team

GW Gold

GW Blue

Harvard Patagonias

Harvard Baker Mayfields

Harvard Elle Woods

Harvard Patrick Mahomes

Maine Law

Northeastern Law

Northwestern NUBS A

Northwestern NUBS B




Ohio State Chingy’s All Stars

Ohio State Village Idiots

Penn Law Team 1

Penn Law Team 3

Penn Law Team 4

Quinnipiac Free Churro

Regent Law

Roger Williams Quahogs

Rutgers Camden 3Ls

Rutgers Camden 2Ls

Rutgers Law 2

Rutgers Law 1

Seton Hall Blue

Seton Hall White

Suffolk Rams

Syracuse Orange

Syracuse Blue

Drexel Longball Law

Drexel Dragoons


University of Chicago 173s Get Degrees

Uconn Law (Red)

Uconn Law (Blue)

Florida Law Softball

UGA Road Dawgs

University of Michigan Go Blue or Go Home

University of Richmond Spider Bites

UVA Co-Rec Gold

UVA Co-Rec Blue

UVA Co-Rec Beach Bums

UVA Co-Rec Denim


W&L 1

W&L 2

William & Mary Wytheballers


Florida State University La Russa’s Lads


Penn Team 2

St. John’s Red Storm

TJAGLCS The Old ’96ers

TJAGLCS The Rough Writers

University of Georgia Law Dawgs- Black

UVA Men’s Gold

UVA Men’s Blue

UVA Law Alums (2012/13)  UVA Iron