William and Mary Co-Rec

Team Name Marshall-Wythelball  
School William & Mary Law School  
Location Williamsburg, VA  
Division Co-Rec  
Captains Andrew Barna, Kevin McCandlish, Nick Thompson, Jeff Moore, Hannah Littlefield  
Team Color Green & Gold  
Team Mascot Hippogriffs (slightly more rare and obscure form of Griffin)  
Team 90s TV Show Hey Arnold!  
Team Song The Menzingers – Lookers  
Distance to Charlottesville, VA 122 miles  
Player Roster
X             Hassan Halim

2             Evan Gottstein

3             Carly Robinson

4             Ellen Hubbard

5             Hannah Littlefield

6             Mike Tentilucci

9             Patrick Harner

10           Lou Trosch

11           Brandon Stumpf

12           Emma Dolgos

24           Andrew Barna

27           Nick Thompson

33           Victoria Conrad

42           Daniel Urena

44           Kevin McCandlish

45           Luke Mahoney

55           Jackson Key

88           Jeff Moore

Star Players Andrew Barna, Hannah Littlefield, Nick Thompson  
Law Review Nerds Andrew Barna, Hannah Littlefield, Nick Thompson, Emma Dolgos  
Team History Our team history starts today.  
Practice Regimen Watching Rocky montage, lifting boulders, swinging weighted tire irons.  
Want To Play Against UMBC Law – They’ve had enough luck for one sports year.  
DON’T Want To Play Against University of Arizona – we hear they pay their softball players $$$.  
Favorite Thing About The Tournament Seeing so many law students remembering it as a pinnacle of their law school years.  
The Tournament Would Be More Awesome If … if there were drinking game tournaments at night to let everyone compete at their best games.  
Anecdotes Gaining the friendship of the Dean of Appalachian School of Law.