UVA Old Regular

Team Name UVA OLD
School UVA Alumni (2010/2011)
Location Hooked up to our respective sleep apnea machines, if we’re lucky; others have been put out to pasture
Division Regular
Captains Christy Weisner & Doug Bouton
Team Color Halo Top GOLD (& sprinkles)
Team Mascot A beached whale
Team 90s TV Show X-Files because we like our sh*t a little freaky.
Team Song “Crossroads” by Bone Thugs – best appreciated, as we did, at a 1997 high school dance
Distance to Charlottesville, VA Unclear. Old Man Radke (aka Boo-Radley) served us all fake eviction notices and we haven’t been home since.
Player Roster
Andrew “Schoolboy” Mellen

Jason (RoRo!) Rottner

Stephen Wendell (Wend-Piece)

Doug (“Douggie Fresh”) Bouton

Kara Allen (K-Bone)

Steven (“John-Steve”) Crenshaw

Emily (EmBo or God Help me If I Have to Catch a Fast Ball) Goebel

Blake (B-Lake) Goebel

Brendan “Ask an Old Man” Radke

Jake (Sexual Chocolate) McCloy

Mike “Luscious Mane” Keenan

Peter Strup (Father of World’s Cutest Child)

Christy (“Weis Piece” or ChrisTINA) Weisner

Matt (“Ivy”) Farmer

Patrick Mott (P-Mott)


Star Players Everyone except Emily Goebel who has the softball skills and coordination of her 18 month old son
Law Review Nerds Jason Rottner.  The rest of us try to hide our lack of brains with experience.
Team History A conglomeration of past UVA roommates, friends, former lovers (it’s horribly awkward), and UVA law couples who come together every year to relive their glory days and take in the Cville sunshine
Practice Regimen We fall into two buckets: (1) sprints, batting cages, squats, and home run visualizations, (2) crossing our fingers and praying that our soft office bodies don’t combust (combined with light jogging and internalizing others judgmental sighs from poor decisions on the field last year)


Want To Play Against UVA teams
DON’T Want To Play Against Any team that is not going to show up to its Sunday morning game.  We’ve been up since 5:45 am with our ten children under the age of five and still made it.
Favorite Thing About The Tournament Pretending we are ten years younger
The Tournament Would Be More Awesome If Unicorns served free beer. Don’t make us tell you again. Yeeesh.
Anecdotes Several team members have started food and drink companies, which is very convenient for “freegan” activist K-Bone.  Watch your fridge! (Or it will get Blake-d.) In depth discussions about romantic comedies and your deepest emotions are encouraged, but only post-game, on a couch, and after a large feeding.