Touro Co-Rec

Team Name Touro Bulls
School Touro Law School
Location Central Islip, NY
Division Co Rec
Captains Jesse Montes / Chelsea McGrath
Team Color Royal Blue / White
Team Mascot N/A
Team 90s TV Show N/A
Team Song Icon – Jaden Smith
Distance to Charlottesville, VA 7 ½ hours
Player Roster
1.      Jesse Montes                #99       

2.      Bryan Cornelis            #26       

3.      Steven Caulo               #14       

4.      Drew Salomon             #27       

5.      Joe Timpanaro            #7          

6.      Leslie Wells                 #13       

7.      Noemi Baez                  #16       

8.      Chelsea McGrath        #18       

9.      Bradley Kaufman        #25       

10.   Christopher Brogna     #24       

11.   Alexis Levine               #5       

12.   Nicholas Gonchar        #10       

13.   Anthony Spadaro        #1          

14.   Brett Potash                 #2       

15.  Donny Dennison          #8       

Star Players  We’re all Stars according to our school…
Law Review Nerds Brad Kaufman
Team History Basically the Bad News Bears of law school
Practice Regimen What’s practice?
Want To Play Against Bring em’ all on
DON’T Want To Play Against Bring em’ all on
Favorite Thing About The Tournament Actually making it
The Tournament Would Be More Awesome If …it was closer.