NYU 1 Regular

Team Name NYU 1
School NYU Law
Location New York, NY
Division Regular
Captains Keith Dore & Bobby Geren
Team Color Purple & White
Team Mascot Bobcats
Team 90s TV Show Double Dare
Team Song “Real American” by Rick Derringer
Distance to Charlottesville, VA 350 miles
Player Roster:

Alex Siegel, Ben Wylly, Bobby Geren, Brett Rose, Henry Avery, Jake Hirsch, John Wynne, Keith Dore, Keith Mackie, Lawrence Nelson, Michael Moulin, Mitchell Day, Ryan Forman, Ryan Sila, Scott Foltz, Tim Cory

Star Players All of the above
Law Review Nerds John Wynne
Team History Steady improvement every year
Practice Regimen Many practices scheduled, few practices held
Want To Play Against Harvard & Yale (lol)
DON’T Want To Play Against Ave Maria
Favorite Thing About The Tournament Money and fame
The Tournament Would Be More Awesome If Hangovers weren’t a thing
Anecdotes Last year, our leftfielder had to be removed mid-inning because he still hadn’t recovered from all of the previous night’s festivities.