NYU 5 Co-Rec

Team Name NYU 5
School NYU Law
Location New York, NY
Division Co-Rec
Captains Cassarah Chu & Ose Okoruwa
Team Color Purple & White
Team Mascot Bobcats
Team 90s TV Show Big Wolf on Campus
Team Song Rich Boy – Throw Some D’s
Distance to Charlottesville, VA 350 miles
Player Roster:

Cassarah M. Chu, Courtney Gans, Falon Rainer, George Harris, Ijeamaka Obasi, Jordan Chafetz, Kali Montecalvo, Katrina Feldkamp, Nathalie Herrand, Neesha Chhina, Ose Okoruwa, Sofia McDonald, Staci Cox, Thomas Loy, Vladimir (Kenji) Alexander, Caroline Diaz

Star Players Courtney Gans
Law Review Nerds The Whole Team
Team History Won a few championships. This is the Reunion tour.
Practice Regimen 6 Mojitos then Batting Practice
Want To Play Against Everybody
DON’T Want To Play Against That school that did that thing
Favorite Thing About The Tournament Watching episodes of Big Wolf on Campus in the dugout.
The Tournament Would Be More Awesome If We were playing Kickball instead.
Anecdotes We came together after a self-centered New York lawyer was sentenced to community service coaching our rag tag adult softball team. That Lawyer’s name was Emilio Estevez, r.i.p.