NYU 2 Regular

Team Name NYU 2
School NYU Law
Location New York, NY
Division Regular
Captains Abe Dyk & Matt Tieman
Team Color Purple & White
Team Mascot Bobcats
Team 90s TV Show The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air
Team Song UMBC Riser
Distance to Charlottesville, VA 350 miles
Player Roster:

Abe Dyk, Alex Whitelaw, Andrew Wood, Andy McCall, Anthony DeRiso, Guy “Jack” Mathews, Jesse Manor, Josh Haberl, Justin Adamson, Kevin Tupper, Matthew Tieman, Michael Borek, Sean Galvin, Whitney Thompson

Star Players Abe Dyk, Andrew Wood, Kevin Tupper,

Sean Galvin

Law Review Nerds Abe Dyk, Matthew Tieman
Team History We’ve got some old people, so we have lots of it.
Practice Regimen 12-ounce curls & century club
Want To Play Against Anyone. Bring it on.
DON’T Want To Play Against Ourselves
Favorite Thing About The Tournament The things we won’t speak of once we head home.
The Tournament Would Be More Awesome If It was sponsored by a bourbon company.
Anecdotes Anecdotal evidence is for Trump supporters.