Michigan Six Figures of Crippling Debt Co-Rec

Team Name Six Figures of Crippling Debt
School University of Michigan Law School
Location Ann Arbor, MI
Division Co-Rec
Captains Austin Perry, Laura Beth Cohen, Amy Gore
Team Color Maize and Blue
Team Mascot Sam Jaffe
Team 90s TV Show Frasier (specifically s04e16)
Team Song “Goodbye Earl”
Distance to Charlottesville, VA 596 miles.
Player Roster
Amy “May Contain Violence And” Gore

Victoria “Madame President” Allen

Shavon “Hitsville” Henry

Laura “Beth” Cohen

Zoe “Actually Owns A Glove” Dixon

Phillip “One Man Human Pyramid” Turner

Omotunde “Deep Dish” Okesanya

Sam “Actual Former College Athlete” Jaffe

Lauren “Our Strongest 1L” Schusterman

Maggie “Also Our Strongest 1L” Turner

Austin “Yours Truly” Perry

Star Players Each and every one of ‘em.
Law Review Nerds No thanks!
Team History With two of our teammates driving in all the way from Washington, D.C, this trip mixes all the best qualities of a family reunion and a SportsCenter Top 10 highlight reel. For one weekend only, you can witness Ann Arbor’s finest athletes and fastest friends doing what they do best: getting utterly demolished on a softball diamond.
Practice Regimen Crunches and more crunches. This team may not have skills, but they’ve sure got abs, folks!
Want To Play Against Anyone who’ll have us.
DON’T Want To Play Against Another team at 7AM, but it looks like we didn’t really luck out there.
Favorite Thing About The Tournament Seeing Maggie Birkel.
The Tournament Would Be More Awesome If Our AirBnB had more than one shower.