Harvard Wizards Co-Rec

Team Name Harvard Wizards
School Harvard
Location Cambridge, MA
Division Co-rec
Captains Will Ryan & Adabelle Ekechukwu
Team Color Crimson
Team Mascot Rutherford B. Hayes ’’43
Team 90s TV Show Keanan & Kel
Team Song “Just Like Fire” by P!nk
Distance to Charlottesville, VA 552 miles
Player Roster
Will Ryan
Annie Madding
Jason Ethridge
Zach Fisch
Signa Mahung
Carter Rosekranz
Aaron Brogan
Dan Joiner
Dylan Soares
Adabelle Ekechukwu
Luke Riley
Caleb Volz
Gia Velasquez
Stephanie Mazursky
Chanslor Gallenstein
Star Players Annie Madding making her highly anticipated UVA debut
Law Review Nerds Adabelle runs the world
Team History Don’t count this team out. While they have little UVA tournament experience, they also have little softball experience generally.
Practice Regimen Going to multiple CVSs in Harvard Square
Want To Play Against Duke gave us some trouble last year. We look forward to seeing them again
DON’T Want To Play Against Any team south of Dover, Delaware
Favorite Thing About The Tournament Networking!
The Tournament Would Be More Awesome If It lasted all semester