Harvard Phillies Co-Rec

Team Name Harvard Phillies
School Harvard
Location Cambridge, MA
Division Co-rec
Captains Dan Lea & Valor Lee
Team Color Crimson
Team Mascot Mortimer Zuckerman
Team 90s TV Show Hey Arnold
Team Song “House Party” by Sam Hunt
Distance to Charlottesville, VA 552 miles
Player Roster
Dan Lea
Valor Lee
Laura Sanders
Sarah Joseph
John Lomazzi
Teddy Grodek
Alex Andresian
Aviv Lazar
Luke Phillips
David Kafafian
Rick Houghton
Geoff Kirsner
Karl Heiland
Harrison Hodgin
Susannah Apuzzo
Star Players Jeff  “Geoff” Kirsner on the mound
Law Review Nerds Hah
Team History This team of 3L misfits has very little chance for success
Practice Regimen Beer olympics
Want To Play Against Anyone that can’t field a team!
DON’T Want To Play Against Anyone sober enough to stand up
Favorite Thing About The Tournament Meeting cool people!
The Tournament Would Be More Awesome If Not possible