Harvard Eagles Co-Rec

Team Name Harvard Eagles
School Harvard
Location Cambridge, MA
Division Co-rec
Captains Cameron Pritchett & Jimmy McEntee
Team Color Crimson
Team Mascot The Mooch: Anthony Scaramucci
Team 90s TV Show All That
Team Song “Champion” by Carrie Underwood
Distance to Charlottesville, VA 552 miles
Player Roster
Cameron Pritchett
Jimmy McEntee
AJ Williamson
Sophie Daroff
Heath Hyatt
Eric Van Wart
Joseph Sullivan
Allison Bray
James Byrd
LJ Sanchez
John Rosenbluth
Brianna Hexom
Julie Thomsen
Joe Diaz
Star Players 1LJ escaped his brief to serve as our secret weapon
Law Review Nerds BSA > Law Review
Team History We can think of no better way to celebrate Harvard Law’s 200th anniversary than to bring home a UVA softball championship.
Practice Regimen Sprinting around the Charles
Want To Play Against That law school in New Haven
DON’T Want To Play Against Ourselves (literally, other HLS teams)
Favorite Thing About The Tournament The price of alcohol at the Biltmore
The Tournament Would Be More Awesome If The Excel Inn had not burned down 🙁
Anecdotes “When they go low, we go high” – Michelle Obama