Georgia Law Dawgs Regular

School The University of Georgia School of Law
Location Athens, GA
Conference/Division SEC!! SEC!! SEC!! (Regular)
Captains Cameron Cilano & Alex Prescott
Team Color Black and Red w/ a touch of Grey (see CFP gear)
Team Mascot Bulldogs
Team 90s TV Show Will & Grace
Team Song Stir Fry – Migos
Distance to Charlottesville, VA 470 miles – 7 HRs
Player Roster
#2 – Ezra “Declined to Play for Nick Saban” Thompson

#3 – Matt “The Spanish Conquistador” Poletti

#4 – Alex “Dak” Prescott

#5 – Jake “Wants You to Know His Last Name is Pronounced Sauce” Saas

#10 – Jack “Adopted a Bulldog Puppy After the 2017 SEC Championship” Van Why

#11 – Spencer “Has Never Washed his Aaron Murray Jersey for Good Luck” Davis

#15 – Steve “Fishbone” Zavodnick

#16 – Ben “Has a Prosthetic Knee” Aqua

#20 – Stuart “Raced a Bear Down a Ski Slope on One Ski” Sumner

#22 – Hilliard “Once Found a National Treasure w/ Nick Cage” Burton

#24 – Cameron “El Jefe” Cilano

#29 – James Darden “Towe”

#34 – Spenser “Dusty Baker’s Son in the 2002 World Series” Clark

#48 – Joe “Bear Down” Zanoni

Star Players Kirby Smart, Roquan Smith, Sony Michel and Nick Chubb.
Law Review Nerds Aquaman, Dak, Darden Towe, Fishbone.
Team History 3-time semi-finalist in only three tournament appearances. We all know what to expect from the Law Dawgs. Softball recruiting efforts mirror that of Kirby’s #1 overall 2018 class and best recruiting class ever.
Practice Regimen Tee work twice a day in the basement of the law library.
Want To Play Against BAMA
DON’T Want To Play Against Other Georgia schools cause they blow.
Favorite Thing About The Tournament Winning & out-drinking every team.
The Tournament Would Be More Awesome If Teams got placed in pods based on their previous success (similar to last year’s pods).

Little kids weren’t playing soccer on the above field at Darden Towe so we could blast rap w/o the threat of a rent-a-cop writing us a noise violation.

Anecdotes Cameron Cilano messages himself on GroupMe about softball deadlines and expenses.

Boston Law Ladies are looking for a formal house invite from the Law Dawgs.

Our team got a Georgia State player ejected from the tournament last year.