Drexel Co-Rec

Team Name Longball Law
School Drexel Law School
Location Philadelphia, PA
Division Co-Rec
Captains John Campbell
Team Color Blue & Gold
Team Mascot Dragon
Team 90s TV Show Fresh Prince
Team Song Dreams & Nightmares -Meek Mill
Distance to Charlottesville, VA 300 Miles
Player Roster
1.      John Campbell

2.      Andre Brown

3.      Matt O’Brian

4.      Brady Bowen

5.      Chris Kalbfell

6.      Chuck Spinella

7.      Frankie Vitto

8.      Lorenzo Thomas

9.      Rakim Solomon

10.   Robert Fitzgerald

11.   Lauren Wright

12.   Jordan Laporta

13.   Jillian Emerson

14.   Katie Deeds

15.   TBD

16.   TBD


Star Players Chuck Spinella, Katie Deeds
Law Review Nerds Jordan Laporta


Team History I made an executive decision to sign the team up and make myself the self-appointed captain to ensure I couldn’t be cut. From there, found some individuals who care deeply about the cause. Finally, we set out on a mission to continuously nag all of our other friends/roommates to sign up, so we could fill the roster, and after some coercing, a cease and desist letter or two.. Longball Law was born!
Practice Regimen Allen Iverson Philosophy
Want To Play Against Teams Looking to Have Fun!
DON’T Want To Play Against
Favorite Thing About The Tournament First Time!
The Tournament Would Be More Awesome If
Anecdotes -Match Each Player to The Back of Their Baseball Card-

·        Dad played SS at West Point… Unfortunately, she gets her softball skills from Mom’s side of the family

·        She’s a professional babysitter… There are however unconfirmed rumors that she once finished an IPA in under 1 hour and 45 minutes

·        Here for moral support really

·        Promised his GF a HR for her birthday

·        Agreed to come after being assured there would be absolutely no HGH testing

·        Took a wrong turn on the Yellow Brick Road and somehow ended up here

·        Diversity Hire

·        Insert your favorite (are you married to your cousin) joke here