Campbell University Co-Rec

Team Name CU (Campbell Co-Rec)
School Campbell University
Location Raleigh, NC
Division Co-rec
Captains Alexa Cannon & Ryan Srnik
Team Color Orange
Team Mascot Greg Olsen’s Third Leg
Team 90s TV Show Catdog
Team Song Independent by Webbie
Distance to Charlottesville, VA 52 songs and 3 stops at Sheetz
Player Roster
Alexa Cannon: The returning shortstop / outfielder is looking to add a trophy on her shelf right next to her corgi’s “best in show” award

Keith Boyette: The outfielder will lead off for the team every game. He’s got ‘get away from the cops’ speed.

Alexander Sefton: Big Island will be pitching like Greg Maddux and lovin’ like Ronald Reagan

Ashley Urquijo: Don’t let that big jersey fool you, she’s got shorts on

Jeffery Dobson: Grizzly Adams off the field. Ichiro on the field.

Landis Barber: The star outfielder suffered tragic accident as a child. The doctors had to replace his arm with a cannon

Terra Johnson: Go ahead, underestimate our 3rd baseman. We dare you.

Ryan Srnik: Our 1st baseman will be reliving his youth for three days

Whitley Lewis: She smiles an evil smile when outfielders start moving in because a girl is up to bat

Rachel Hairr: The college outfield star is our new recruit this season. We’ve seen the tape; y’all better be ready

Benjamin Leach: 60% sexy ginger; 30% Busch light; 10% Ron Swanson. 100% lethal

Madison Moore: For you boys that think a girl with glasses is a soft target, you’ve been warned

Taylor Langley: Number 12 in your programs, number 1 in your hearts

Star Players The Power Couple: Alex “Big Island” Sefton and Terra Johnson
Law Review Nerds They stayed home
Team History We’ve stayed around to play a few games on Sunday last couple of years
Practice Regimen We play best with no practice and a crippling hangover
Want To Play Against Teams that came for fun
DON’T Want To Play Against Teams that came to get noticed by MLB scouts
Favorite Thing About The Tournament Watching the Ivy League Schools stage a bitter rivalry against each other, only to have the winning school be the team that brought the least amount of alcohol
The Tournament Would Be More Awesome If We could get a pass for the following Monday. Winning all weekend is exhausting.
Anecdotes The best stories are the ones left untold