Buffalo Tortfeasors Co-Rec

School University at Buffalo School of Law
Location Buffalo—The Pride of Upstate New York
Division Co – Rec
Captains Brendan Conley, Sharon Kahn, Joe Schafer
Team Colors Blue, White, Black
Team Mascot Six spent Juul pods
Team 90s TV Show Are You Afraid Of The Dark?
Team Song The Whisper Song – “Lil” Jon
Distance to Charlottesville, VA 8 days by snowshoe
Player Roster
Blum, Brown, Chamberlain, Ciesla, Conley, Dewey, Elardo, Entenmann, Fleming, Gaglione, Gelber, Guerrero, Johnson, Joyce, Kahn, Kennedy, Kirkland, Knoer, Licciardello, Macaluso, Makowski, Medoff, Murray, Notartomas, Orosz, Panek, Plewinski, Podlas, Porter, Reilly, Riley, Rosso, Sahasrabudhe, Savino, Schafer, Schaus, Sikora, Simpson, Sloan, Sollenne, Szalach, Vaid, Vranic, Wardynski, Winkley, Yovanoff
Star Players Ryan Sollenne
Law Review Nerds Conley, Fleming, Gaglione, Guerrero, Knoer, Licciardello, Murray (The People’s EIC), Panek, Plewinski, Podlas, Riley, Savino (“Dilemma” RIP in Peace), Schafer, Sikora, Simpson, Szalach, Winkley
Team History Many moons ago along the shores of a frozen Lake Erie, a spark spawned flames. Schulyer Colfax, the seventeenth Vice President of the United States, and Robert H. Jackson—noted Nuremberg prosecutor —were crushing LBLs at the local Moose Lodge, when the ramshackle roof caved in. Two things saved the voting membership (men) from certain death: a non-ASA approved “ol’ Hickory” Louisville Slugger and Bill Buckner’s first base glove. Thus, the Tortfeasors were born. After years of losing consecutive Super Bowls, putting our heads through hotel walls, and being the nature bois of Charlottesville, the Tortfeasors are back for another year of debauchery.
Practice Regimen Vaping, shoveling snow, inhaling stinger subs, and jamming to Christina Aguilera’s 2006 chart-topping hit, “Ain’t no other man”.
Want To Play Against Trickle Down Economics
DON’T Want To Play Against “Golden retrievers” –UVA, probably.
Favorite Thing About The Tournament Asking Harvard where they go to school
The Tournament Would Be More Awesome If Harvard brought their own PEDs, instead of asking us for ours.
Anecdotes “This is a great networking opportunity”

“Where is the UVA campus?” “Oh, you mean the grounds?”

“I love being a 16-seed on this campus”

Get in line for the sandwich shop early

Chik-fil-a is closed on Sunday

They sell pedialyte at Wegmans

When in doubt, slide (into the DMs)

Saying “God’s Plan”

Horns up

Having a weekend for Dads—finally