Appalachian Levisa River Waterdogs Co-Rec

Team Name Levisa River Waterdogs
School Appalachian School of Law
Location Grundy, Virginia
Division Co-rec
Captains William Holden
Team Color Green
Team Mascot Waterdog
Team 90s TV Show Fraiser
Team Song “Dirty Water Dog” by Van Halen
Distance to Charlottesville, VA 285 miles
Player Roster
William Holden

Caleb Gifford

Bailey Latham

Cait Young

Mike Thomas


Shae Deskins

Collin Compton

Yannick Clayton

Andrew Dye

Eric Palmer

A.J. Ricca

Star Players Everyone
Law Review Nerds N/A
Team History Last Semester
Practice Regimen Once a week
Want To Play Against The best team
DON’T Want To Play Against The worst team
Favorite Thing About The Tournament The comradery
The Tournament Would Be More Awesome If If an earlier tournament was in the fall