Team Name
Doug Bouton
Team Color
Doug won’t tell us
Team Mascot
Babies, lots of babies.
Team 90s TV Show
Nickelodeon Guts
Team Song
Hot Dog Dance
Distance to Charlottesville, VA
Player Roster
Emily Goebel
Andrew “Peanut” Mellen
Jason Rottner
Doug Bouton – Ice Cream Magnate
Matt Farmer
Steve Crenshaw-Weisner
Christy Weisner
Blake Goebel
Meredith Mott
Lisa Miller
Kara Bone
Drew (mid 30s, B/B- body, moderate effort, 0-tool player)
Pat Mott
Turk Wendell – Fantasy Football Magnate
Star Players
Turk Wendell – he’s back to avenge his choking away two championships while in law school
Law Review Nerds
Team History

Led and organized by one of the most influential men in the low fat, gluten free ice cream racket, this squad of human child and dog parents arrives at the tournament with big dreams and low expectations.

Unlike everybody else in this tournament, UVA Old is made up of fully grown adults with full-time jobs and actual responsibilities. Not sure why that matters or which way it cuts, but I just wanted to put that out there.

Practice Regimen
None – (author’s note – I live in Atlanta, and I can’t get to my weekly softball games because somebody lit the entire interstate on fire while smoking crack).
Want To Play Against
UVA Iron – give me a break with that name
DON’T Want To Play Against
Father Time – can’t beat him
Favorite Thing About The Tournament
Seeing old (literally) friends
The Tournament Would Be More Awesome If

In the 2009 reg semi-finals, UVA Gold led W&L late. Gold’s pitcher, Turk Wendell, proceeded walked 5 people in a row, choking the tournament away. Everyone hoped that 2010 would bring redemption. But he did pretty much the exact same thing the next year to lose in the quarterfinals.

7 years later, Wendell is back. And he’s looking for redemption. But we’re definitely not going to let him pitch.