Team Name
UVA Iron
DC, NYC, ATL, Denver, and Oakland.
Ryan, Ikenna, and Coach Alex
Team Color
Pretty sure Iron was one of the colors in those huge crayola boxes
Team Mascot
The Kraken. We Do Not Sow.
Team 90s TV Show
All four (!!) glorious seasons of Dinosaurs.
Team Song
The Boys are Back In Town. It’s called symbolism you neanderthal.
Distance to Charlottesville, VA
The Chase Ultimate Rewards program has some generous mileage rates
Player Roster

Ladies and gentlemen, the people are about to see are real. The names have been obscured to protect those playing hooky from work.

8L Ikenna A. OF
8L Jimmy A. IF
9L Tim C. OF
8L Chris D. DL
9L Paul “Mr.” F OF
8L Yea Doug H. IF
8L Matt H. IF
8L Brett L. IF
8L Dan S. OF
8L Ryan T. P
8L Alex T. UT
8L Terrell U. IF

Star Players
There is no “I” in Ferrum
Law Review Nerds
Mr. F batted on to law review after hitting .695 in the 2010 Invitational
Team History
A group of men’s men from the classes of 2012 and 2011. The heady days when impressionable liberal arts graduates thought law school was a good investment, Jason Derulo dominated the airwaves, and a wonderful bar called McGrady’s still existed. Everyone on this team has won the tournament at least once, but several have not touched a glove in over five years. At this point, we’re all just living in that gray zone where you think you still have your athletic ability, but eventually through injury realize it has left you. So let’s see how this whole thing goes!
Practice Regimen
Ikenna’s practice involves a range of federal and state litigation matters;
Ryan represents pharmaceutical and biotechnology clients in complex licensing and collaboration transactions;
Paul lost an SEO battle to an experienced Family Law attorney in Chicago;
Brett represents clients in international arbitration proceedings;
Terrell concentrates his practice in the area of tax controversy and represents clients at all stages of federal tax controversy;
Chris watched 1998 Giovanni Ribisi film “Boiler Room” and his life has followed suit ever since;
Tim provides personalized legal representation to individuals and businesses in central and western Virginia;
Alex focuses his practice on health care;
Doug is a successful actor, known for his appearance on the hit NBC sitcom, Frasier (1993);
Matt holds a B.S. in electrical engineering and a B.A. in Spanish from the University of Idaho, where he graduated summa cum laude;
Dan’s practice includes a variety of IP litigation, prosecution, licensing, and diligence matters;
Jimmy asked that we “keep work stuff out of it.”
Want To Play Against
Florida Coastal, and their conspicuously absent Regular Division team
DON’T Want To Play Against
UVA Gray. If any of our bosses are on that team they’ll know we’re not all at weddings
Favorite Thing About The Tournament

Escapism and eternal glory; meeting great people from other schools; Bodo’s Bagels; Friday night games at the Park; the Biltmore; warning track power at Darden Towe; the fact that alumni teams can play; the very existence of Florida Coastal; and the fact that when UVA Gold lost the finals in 2013, their captain immediately drove to Copeley Field and buried the team’s $300 bat somewhere in center field

The Tournament Would Be More Awesome If
Many years ago, Alex himself nixed the idea of a radar gun station for everyone to blow their arms out trying to throw harder than 70 mph. It was a mistake then and it’s a mistake now. How is this still not a thing?
We have aged past our primes and it is starting to hit us hard. A doctor recently told one of our players that the tendons in his arm resemble old guitar strings that have been “plucked a million times.” Half of our team is day-to-day on the injury report, and even a few hours in the “up” position of our standing desks has become a daily struggle. However, we will persevere, because the Invitational is an experience to behold, and we would honestly be happy just drinking beers at Bilt.