Team Name
CRG (UVA Co-Rec Gold)
University of Virginia
Rebecca Durham (Captain) & Hannah Dunham (Present)
Team Color
Orange (see the Smash Brothers leggings and visors this weekend)
Team Mascot
Cafall Dunham and her slightly cuter friend Gus Leon
Team 90s TV Show
“Friends” (because we’re all the best of friends)
Team Song
Anything sung by Alex Starr
Distance to Charlottesville, VA
The same as the number of not-A’s Amanda Leon has gotten in law school (Hint: 0)
Player Roster
Hannah Dunham: returning from the DL, Hannah’s number one goal for the weekend is to make it through with both knees intact.

Rebecca Durham: is expecting another win this year. And if the number of e-mails sent correlates to winning, she’s already done her part for the team.

Amanda Leon: fresh off her tax moot court in Belgium, this nerd has been building up her appetite for RIBBIES [RBIs] by finding her dance floor (the secret: it’s everywhere)

Jonathan Elsasser: Elsasser has been earning his nickname of “Dad” this season one fabulous pair of crocs at a time.

Mark Gruetzmacher: don’t let his quiet demeanor fool you, he’s the most diplomatic first base coach around–he believes you, and you alone have complete autonomy to determine whether you run to second or not.

James Whittaker: aka “Smash Brother #1” finally found his way onto CRG through a combination of his fancy footwork and learning how to catch. He has yet to kill an opposing pitcher (emphasis on yet…)

Kyle Smith: aka “Smash Brother #2” finally feels as though he has reached his athletic peak by joining CRG, because D1 track and field just wasn’t good enough.

Jill Winter: theme song Chumbawamba’s “I Get Knocked Down, But I Get Up Again;” is trying to figure out what she’s going to do when she walks home with the trophy and Gear doesn’t.

Billy Phalen: Is so good he never shows up more than two minutes before the game starts. He’s determined to be the best pitcher around, even if it means taking out the competition (sorry Alexander)

Macey Colbert: a 1L girl on CRG, who does she think she is, Amanda Leon? JK couldn’t be more excited to have this OK girl on the team.

Herminio Rivera: living proof that UVA Men’s Gold doesn’t have a market on all of UVA’s shortstop talent.

Zach Jacobson: disappointed to learn that there’s a home run limit, but excited to exceed it.

Star Players
Macey Colbert, Herminio Riveria & Zach Jacobson, Forget exams, oral arguments, and classes, these 1Ls have their priorities in order: 1) lead CRG to a championship; 2) there is no #2
Law Review Nerds
Team History
Defending champs–shrine at Biltmore forthcoming, we placed too much faith in Trey Oliver’s organizational skills. The project is moving at the speed he rounds the bases (hint: slow)
Practice Regimen
Finding our dance floor, gorging on RIBBIES, and not lending our bat to Jonathan York
Want To Play Against
DON’T Want To Play Against
Either of the Co-Rec Orange teams: it’s not fair to beat someone when they can’t remember
Favorite Thing About The Tournament
Drinking, winning, eating, and winning
The Tournament Would Be More Awesome If
Friel could get his act together and guarantee us good weather. Would rather not get frostbite this year.
Maybe another time…