Team Name
Suffolk Gold
Suffolk University Law School – 120 Tremont Street, Boston MA
Liz Libro and Natalie Casey
Team Color
Gold, Blue and White
Team Mascot
Team 90s TV Show
All That
Team Song
Welcome to the Jungle – Guns & Roses
Distance to Charlottesville, VA
555.6 (10 hours)
Player Roster
Natalie Casey
Jen King
Liz Libro
Kylie Germann
Lauren McNelley
Anthony Moccia
Greg Ucuz
Matt Bianchi
Meghan Hall
Meghan Huggan
Alejandro Rojas
Gerry Daminani
John (Gus) Fahey
Patrick (Brennan) Lincoln
Robert Geddes
Star Players
Natalie Casey and Anthony Moccia
Law Review Nerds
Gus Fahey and Greg Ucuz
Team History
Started from the bottom now we here.
Practice Regimen
Coffee in the morning and beer before bed.
Want To Play Against
DON’T Want To Play Against
Florida Golf Coast
Favorite Thing About The Tournament
Not being in the snow and meeting all of the other people around the country who share the pains of law school.
The Tournament Would Be More Awesome If
If it was longer and wasn’t cold like last year.