Team Name
Rutgers Law (Camden) Men
Camden, NJ
Bill Grapstul
Team Color
Black w/ Red
Team Mascot
Scarlet Raptors
Team 90s TV Show
Fresh Prince
Team Song
The Longest Time (We strictly do 80s Joel music, sir)
Distance to Charlottesville, VA
255 miles
Player Roster
Evan Benedon
Frank Brennan
Jase Brown
Sean Buecker
Phil Doricent
Bill Grapstul
Jesse Harris
Jake Helm
Connor Kennedy
John Lamb
Brian Noble
John Scull
Bryan Sullivan
Ross Wagner
Star Players
Absolutely None
Law Review Nerds
Team History
Rutgers Law – Camden Owner, Ed O’Neil, was facing the looming players strike when he called upon an old friend, Jimmy McGinty, telling McGinty that he wanted to finish the season, and play in the UVA Tournament with replacement players. O’Neil asks McGinty to coach Rutgers Law – Camden, which McGinty accepts, on the condition that he will also be given the freedom to sign the players he wants, with O’Neil not allowed to interfere.
The replacements’ first game is against UVA Alum, and the team initially struggles to get along, causing Camden to fall behind early. Ross Wagner, tries to rally the team back, but in the last inning, he panics when a routine pop-up is hit to him and he drops, kicking the ball away, causing the score to get more out of control. McGinty berates Wagner for what he did, telling him that “winners know what to do when the game’s on the line.” At a local bar, several of the replacement players lament over their loss, when several of the striking players, arrive and taunt the replacements. A brawl follows, leading to the replacements being arrested, but they build a bond in the process, dancing together in their cell before McGinity bails them out.
In the remaining games, the team finds their groove and begins winning on a regular basis, placing themselves on the doorstep of the Playoffs. McGinty tells the replacements that the strike will officially end the next day, giving the players incentive to give everything they have left. Camden rallies back to a 17-14 deficit, with Bryan Sullivan being called to pinch-hit late in the game. However, Sullivan spots bookies that he owes money to in the crowd, and realizes that they want him to throw the at-bat, or they’ll take his pub from him as compensation. Sullivan requests to be removed and McGinty agrees, telling John Scull to grab a bat. Scull steps to the plate with the bases loaded, in the last inning, down by 3 runs. The first pitch Scull sees is a perfect lob pitch, right over the middle, which he promptly pops up to the Shortstop, ending the rally for Camden, and killing the hopes and dreams of all the replacement players, who never played another game after that.
Practice Regimen
50 pushups for each pop-up
1 mile timed run for each strikeout while at-bat
2 beers for each double play turned, but 10 sprints for each double play hit into
5 verbal lashings from teammates for each error made
Want To Play Against
Seton Hall
DON’T Want To Play Against
UVA Alumni (Beware of old men in a young man’s game)
Favorite Thing About The Tournament
Signals the end of the semester and that graduation is upon us.
The Tournament Would Be More Awesome If
Law school rankings were based off of how your team finished in the Tournament.
How does Lamb hit the team’s lone homerun, while Helm struck out?