Team Name
Rutgers Camden – Black
Camden, NJ
Carly Campoli & Steve Oliwa
Team Color
Black w/ Red
Team Mascot
Roses/Chevy/Doug/Oreo (team members puppies/dogs)
Team 90s TV Show
Law and Order
Team Song
No Scrubs – TLC
Distance to Charlottesville, VA
We went to law school so we didn’t have to deal with numbers
Player Roster
Carly Campoli – 3L
Kiera McGroarty – 3L
Erin Grady – 3L
Chrissy Ludwig – 3L
Ana Millicker – 3L
Clare Kelley – 1L
Will Henkel – 3L
Lucas Levenson – 3L
Steve Oliwa – 2L
Paul Prendergast – 1L
Eric Bihlear – 1L
Dave Klayman – 1L
Blaise Richards – 1L
*Potential last minute trades from Rutgers Camden – 2Ls
Star Players
Will Henkel (but not really)
Law Review Nerds
Will Henkel (but not really)
Team History
This is where our story begins, and for some of us, ends.
Practice Regimen
Talk about practicing, but never actually practice.
Want To Play Against
Everyone school from the Philly area
DON’T Want To Play Against
Anyone happy to play before 10am on a Saturday
Favorite Thing About The Tournament
The carpool down to the tournament.
The Tournament Would Be More Awesome If
There weren’t early morning games.