Team Name
New York
Austin McLeod and Keith Dore
Team Color
Black and Purple
Team Mascot
Violets (but is actually a bobcat)
Team 90s TV Show
Fresh Prince of Bel-Air
Team Song
X Gon’ Give it to Ya, DMX; Remix to Ignition, R. Kelly
Distance to Charlottesville, VA
350 miles
Player Roster
Austin McLeod
Lawrence Nelson
Keith Dore
Tim Cory
John Wynne
Henry Avery
Abraham Dyk
Bobby Geren
Mitchell Brown
Jake Hirsch
Charlie Peskowitz
Caleb Seeley
Alex Siegel
Brett Rose
Zachary Guttenberg
Star Players
Austin McLeod, Lawrence Nelson, Keith Dore, Tim Cory, John Wynne, Henry Avery, Abraham Dyk, Bobby Geren, Mitchell Brown, Jake Hirsch, Charlie Peskowitz, Caleb Seeley, Alex Siegel, Brett Rose, Zachary Guttenberg (i.e., a squad of stars)
Law Review Nerds
Abe Dyk, John Wynne
Team History
The 2017 iteration of the NYU competitive team boasts 6 returners from last year. The 2016 team was marred by injury during the preseason (skiing accident and subsequent infection), week of the tournament (starting 1B, separated shoulder during batting practice), night before the tournament (starting C, sprained ankle in annual basketball game), and day of the tournament (starting SS, pulled hamstring during the scrimmage against the team that had forfeited). The 2017 team has been drinking its milk, doing yoga, and staying off of the slopes in hopes of a healthier showing. This mix of old and young blood is eager to hit the field and show everyone what we are made of. Time will only tell if these efforts paid off.
Practice Regimen
For those who are not aware, NYC does not boast the highest number of accessible fields. The few available fields see their fair share of cross sports. NYU 1 has had to deal with the adversity of scrambling for practice space, hoping for a break in the weather, and batting practice in 20 degree weather. Not known to shy away from adversity, the team has prepared for the tournament by: soft toss, throwing drills, fielding drills, and attending happy hours and Thursday night law school bar review.
Want To Play Against
Whoever wants to get sum
DON’T Want To Play Against
Ave Maria in pool play (we’ve played them enough in 2016, thanks)
Favorite Thing About The Tournament
The collection of thousands of law students there to play softball and socialize.
The Tournament Would Be More Awesome If
It were twice a year.
Story 1: The NYU team saw its first home run in 2 years in the third game of the pool play last year. In front of a crowd of rowdy (and highly inebriated) co-ed classmates, the home run hitter rounded the bases to the chant of “USA!” Feeling elated, the NYU team would take the field. The opposing team then proceeded to hit three home runs over the next 2 innings, winning by 7. In the first round of playoffs, the teams met again, with the previous winner winning by mercy rule. That team would go on to win the entire championship.

Story 2: one of the drivers of the 4 NYU vans was the designated driver for the weekend. By the end of the weekend, he was involved in 4 minor accidents (including hitting another NYU van, which was parked in the hotel parking lot). No alcohol was involved in any of the accidents.