Team Name
N.U.B.S. (Northwestern University Big Sluggers)
Max Fater, Patrick Simonaitis
Team Color
Team Mascot
Kyle Schwarber
Team 90s TV Show
Boy Meets World
Team Song
Forgot About Dre
Distance to Charlottesville, VA
742.7 miles
Player Roster
Max Fater; Pat Simonaitis; Dylan Schweers; Chris Grady; Leif Buschmann; Scott Persinger; Leigh Rorick; Marco Minichiello; Christian Segar; Khalid Elwanni; Brian Love; Jae Maeng; Mike Lowes; Kelsey Rochester and Maddy Eure
Star Players
Christian Segar
Law Review Nerds
Mike Lowes
Team History
One cold winter morning in Chicago, a motivated, intelligent, and extremely good looking group of Northwestern Law students decided that they would do something that no other group of Northwestern Law students in recent memory would or could do: field a team in the hallowed UVA Law Softball Tournament.

Instantly, an unstoppable chain of events was put into motion with a tenacity and fire that the halls of Northwestern Law had not seen since our patron saint John Paul Stevens roamed our old buildings.

After three months of rigorous try-outs and vetting, 12 people were selected to the team from among hundreds of potential applicants. Each member of the inaugural Northwestern Law Team boasts unique perspectives and skills (a testament to our varied and strong work experience prior to law school, perhaps). Some have played baseball before; some have been to Virginia or other parts of the country; some take great pride in their hair; the list goes on and on.

In any event, despite multiple controversies that threatened to tear the team apart from within at the last minute (including who would be in which car for the 12 hour drive from Chicago to Virginia), NUBS has arrived on the UVA Softball team and is sure to turn some heads.

Practice Regimen

Weekly batting practice at Sluggers (a bar across the street from Wrigley Field with batting practice and a potential team sponsor) and weekly drinking practice every Wednesday through Saturday night at assorted bars around Chicago.

Fielding practice on the one day that has been above 60 degrees in Chicago since last November.

Want To Play Against
University of Chicago (unless they were too busy studying to show up)
DON’T Want To Play Against
Favorite Thing About The Tournament
The opportunity for single team members to meet their future wives, the weather, the general frattiness of it all.
The Tournament Would Be More Awesome If
You paid for us to fly out
If we don’t make it to the tournament, it is probably because something happened to us all at the AirBnB we plan to rent in rural West Virginia on the way to the tournament.