Team Name
More Runs (NYU 3)
New York City
Ally Serre & Scott Glicksman
Team Color
Black & Purple
Team Mascot
Captain Crunch
Team 90s TV Show
Team Song
any song by Trey Songz
Distance to Charlottesville, VA
350 miles
Player Roster
Coach: Marissa Prieto
Katrina Feldkamp
George Harris
Daniel Canavan
Neesha Chhina
Alexandra Serre
Dan Peck
Scott Glicksman
Jordan Rux
Marissa Reichel
Kristen Nicol
Anja Watt
Kenneth Carbajal
Kathleen Mehary
Star Players
Daniel Canavan, Katrina Feldkamp
Law Review Nerds
Team History
no history. it’s all about the present
Practice Regimen
burpees & slurpees
Want To Play Against
doesnt matter cause we’ll win
DON’T Want To Play Against
doesnt matter cause we’ll win
Favorite Thing About The Tournament
seeing lawyers try to do athletic things
The Tournament Would Be More Awesome If
lawyers could do athletic things
One day, the state of New York gave Aaron Ogden an exclusive license to operate steamboat ferries between New Jersey and New York City on the Hudson River, but Thomas Gibbons, another steamboat operator, ran two ferries along the same route! Ogden wanted Gibbons to stop running his ferries, claiming that the state had given him exclusive rights to operate the route. In response, Gibbons claimed he had the right to operate on the route pursuant to a 1793 act of Congress regulating coastal commerce. A passerby who happened to be a judge ruled for Gibbons, explaining that New York’s exclusive grant to Ogden violated the federal licensing act of 1793. The End.