Team Name
GW 1 (Georgies)
GW Law
Charlotte and Ashley
Team Color
Navy and Gold
Team Mascot
George Washington’s Water Horse
Team 90s TV Show
Fresh Prince
Team Song
All That theme song
Distance to Charlottesville, VA
the moon and back
Player Roster
Ashley Cade
Charlotte Baskin-Gerwitz
Alejandra Hernandez
Meghan Cleary
Sarah Johnson
Teresa Harmon
Andy Landofil
Billy Burchfield
Brian Frino
George Hernedo
Jason Fields
John McGeehan
Ryan Roberts
Star Players
the Hippo
Law Review Nerds
Team History
Our team was born and raised in a swamp that is currently fighting to stay as it is rather than being drained. We’ve fought tooth and nail to maintain our fighting edge and are stronger from the fight. We’re renegades, mavericks, and good time seekers.
Practice Regimen
We aim to hit the ball rather than be hit with it
Want To Play Against
DON’T Want To Play Against
Favorite Thing About The Tournament
The BBQ and the Wings
The Tournament Would Be More Awesome If
We could have bobble headed mascots running across the field
Three of our members have been drilled while pitching but no one has broken a bone. We’re pretty difficult to destroy.